You spend time maintaining your home's facade and manicuring the yard. So, why not take a moment to upgrade the detail of a home guests look for - the house numbers? 

Address plaques and house numbers equal style and function. 

Address plaques catch visitors' eyes and verify they have made it to the right location. Plus, address plaques and house numbers can be one of the first impressions your home provides. House numbers do more than identify the address; they give insight into the home's personality and style. Also, since they are seen from street level, address plaques can be used to spruce up the look of a home while also increasing its curb appeal.

What style address plaque or house numbers should you get?

Address plaques say more than a home's address, and therefore come in a variety of designs to complement any house type - whether it be a manor, cabin, classic single-story, or ultra-modern new home. 

There are so many types of address plaques and house numbers that naming them all would be an exhaustive list. The most purchased house numbers come in different materials like ceramic, wood, metal, and even stoneware. Also, some of the most popular styles are modern, classic, or script. House numbers can be colorful but typically come in four neutral colors: gray, brown, black, and white. Some house numbers have functional styles, such as illuminated address plaques that provide more light. Also, some address plaques have a dual function that takes design to the next level, such as address planters. They add an aspect of eye-pleasing green to the front.

Where should your address numbers or address plaques go?

No matter where you put the address plaque, the point is to ensure visibility from the street. Keep in mind, address plaques can go almost anywhere in the front of your home, like on the wall, lawn, or even the house mailbox (if you have a private one.) Most address plaques and house numbers go on the wall next to the door, but on some occasions, you may want to move address plaques to an alternate location.

The lawn - Homes set back on expansive front yards or behind large hedges require nice-sized address plaques. This will keep your address easily visible and provide an opportunity to accessorize your front lawn.

The mailbox - Mailboxes usually come with pre-affixed, typical, and bland address numbers. Replacing the original numbers with a small address plaque is an easy way to show attention to detail and uplevel your home's front yard. Furthermore, upgrading an entire mailbox with a Modern Aspect one is the best option.

Address plaques and house numbers are a means to identify a house. However, they go beyond function because they also offer a way to show the uniqueness of a home and set it apart. If chosen correctly, the right address plaque and house numbers will add character and style plus increase curb appeal.